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What We Do
Master Planning


Small and basic landscape projects–such as a replacement sidewalk, driveway or retaining wall, not involving any redesign–can be achieved without affecting the surrounding landscape. There is an estimate fee for "install-only" projects such as these.
More comprehensive projects involve a master planning process. A master plan resolves existing site problems, functional requirements and ties everything into a visually unified whole.

By looking at the big picture, we can save time and money over the long run by:

prioritizing your current/future wants and needs
assessing the functional requirements of your space
addressing such factors as zoning, steep slopes, flood plains, wet soils, easements, building set-back requirements, utility locations, etc.
integrating the design and function of your outdoor space with the existing and proposed house/building architecture
creating curb appeal, enhancing views, creating privacy/enclosure, defining spaces and improving circulation
providing solutions to difficult site problems, planning and design of house location/integration with site and grading design/tree protection and removal