Roma Design-Build, Inc.

Project Capabilities
We apply both the art and science of landscape architectural design-build to transform your outdoor living space: from the very basics of soil improvement through the engineering know-how to secure a hillside; from the natural healing power of water elements to the security enhancement of carefully placed outdoor lighting; and from the organic balance of plant nutrition to the architectural marriage of home, deck and garden. Our projects surround you and your home with an energetic flow–the result of natural and man-made elements coming together in the right proportion and balance.

We create integrated and highly livable gardens and outdoor environments including:

Entertainment and recreational areas
Brick, flagstone and paver patios, courtyards, walkways and brick/paver driveways
Brick, block and stone retaining/seating walls and steps
Decks, pergolas and gazebos
Custom fences, gates, trellises and arbors
Pools, pool areas and hot tubs
Water features, ponds, and bridges
Specimen, native and interior plantings
Lighting, irrigation, and signage

Your Garden: How Does It Grow? (back to top)
Gardens serve many different uses and appeal to many different tastes. We specialize in garden creation that is a personal statement of you, the person who will lovingly care for and enjoy the life it holds.

Garden Variety (back to top)
What type of garden calls to you?

Backyard and entertainment gardens  
Family and kitchen gardens
Traditional and classic gardens
Children’s and butterfly gardens
Business settings and employee gardens
Winter gardens
Naturalistic and woodland gardens
Contemplation and healing gardens
Meadow and wildflower gardens
Memorial gardens
Cottage and perennial gardens
Oriental and Japanese gardens
Hillside and terrace gardens
Pond and water gardens