Roma Design-Build, Inc.

Value-Added Design-Build
Our clients are value-savvy. We always offer cost options and advise you as to what has proven to provide the best return on our clients‘ investments. Great design works to enhance your investment in quality materials. Our goal is clear: creating a new, favorite, lasting outdoor space that you can enjoy to its fullest.

Why Invest in Landscaping? (back to top)
Aside from the enjoyment a beautiful landscape brings, there is the matter of equity. Time and again, real estate experts have confirmed what common sense suggests: Your investment in landscape improvements will enhance the overall marketability and selling price of your property.

Follow-up Care (back to top)
Time is money. We emphasize landscape design that reduces follow-up care and maintenance. We encourage soil conservation and compatible planting practices and caution against the frequent and potentially harmful use of chemical pesticides. Still, all landscapes require some degree of routine maintenance. This is especially true for plantings during their first year after installation. We raise maintenance issues during the initial meeting so we can develop a master plan with your maintenance considerations and budget in mind.